El Clasico is just about to begin in few days. While comparing the last two games in El CLasico, it’s hard to predict the winners of upcoming match on 3rd April 2016. All eyes focusing on Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Let's hope for a stunning comeback of Lionel Messi after his injury in El CLasico 2015.  In the last game Barcelona beats Real Madrid 2-1. Now it's time for Real Madrid to show off in their home ground. 

Santiago Bernabue, Madrid is all set and ready to host yet another thrilling El CLasico 2016. We will update and provide you a complete HD channels and online portals to watch El Clasico 2016

Who will win El Clasico 2016?

It's time to make an early prediction for the upcoming El Clasico. It's not a tough job for me to write on this topic. Sorry, I am a big Barcelona fan and my predictions will surely gives an upper hand for Barcelona winning El Clasico 2016.

El Clasico 2015 Predictions: 

Barcelona: 3 Real Madrid 1 (This is purely my prediction) and you can comment your views below.

At the same time Real Madrid will put on their best in front of their home ground fans. It will be tougher for Barcelona to beat Real Madrid.

It's always interesting to watch football when top two players and teams play each other. We have got Christiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid and Lionel Messi for Barcelona for the real show off. 

Exchange of Words already started for the upcoming El Clasico on November 21st 2015. Let's check out Rodriguez points.

Words from James Rodriguez 

“It’s easy to name names now, but when the team wins, we do it together, and when we lose, we also lost together. We’ll have to see what happens and be ready for our next match.”

“They’re [Barcelona] on form, but we have nothing to fear, we’re Real Madrid. It’s going to be an interesting match. I felt good coming on against Sevilla. I hadn’t played for 60 days. I want to contribute and help the team win.”

Stay tuned here for the live coverage of Barcelona vs Real Madrid match.

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